I am a postdoctoral scholar in Dr. Maureen Ritchey’s Memory Modulation Lab at Boston College. I joined BC in June 2017 after completing my PhD at the University of Cambridge with Dr. Jon Simons.

I am interested in how we construct detailed mental images of previously experienced events. For example, I can vividly picture my travels to New Zealand, reinstating many of the visual details, sounds, and emotions I experienced at different locations. I can mentally travel back in time and ‘see’ these events incredibly clearly, but they are completely dissociated from my current environment. This ability is known as episodic memory.

My doctoral research explored the cognitive neuroscience of episodic memory in autism. My postdoctoral research is focused on increasing our understanding of exactly how the brain forms and reconstructs the rich detail of episodic memories, including analysis of brain network dynamics and multidimensional memory measures.

Other than memory and brains, my interests include hiking, kayaking, skiing, tennis, netball, and generally being outdoors!


Contact: [email protected]